"The book...provides advice on public schools, private schools, and home schooling. Mrs. Dare's indignation shines through - about teachers, bureaucrats and schools that fail to provide students with basic skills." (The Globe and Mail)

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"Malkin Dare has written an easy-to-read and very funny (if at times painfully close to the bone) guide to the jargon, pitfalls and inadequacies of education as currently practised in most Canadian jurisdictions." (Alberta Report)

"Malkin Dare offers some shrewd, well-informed advice in her new book." (London Free Press)

"How to Get the Right Education for Your Child is an easy to read book (I found it hard to put down) and is a must for anyone interested in education and especially for parents who have a child with any kind of learning problem." (The Oshawa/Durham Central)

"It's a wise, practical manual for parents...In a field crowded with self-help literature on education, this book stands out for its common sense, its experienced tone and its usefulness." (Kitchener-Waterloo Record)

North American schools are failing millions of students, and their frantic parents are desperate to find a way to help their children.

Bookstores and libraries report they are besieged by requests for books on this topic.

Here at last is a book that delivers the goods.

Other books start with the assumption that there is something wrong with the student and then go on to describe how they can be fixed up with the help of kindly teachers, pharmacists, computers, etc.

"How to Get the Right Education for your Child" starts with the premise that all children can learn - given the right instruction. The book goes on to show parents how to get the teaching their children need.

Parents have several options. They can:
- try to work with the public schools
- teach their children themselves after school
- hire someone to provide remedial teaching
- enroll their children in a private school
- home school.

No matter which option, "How to Get the Right Education for your Child" provides the information parents need to do the job right. And this is no weighty academic tome that parents will fall asleep over. Come and meet Mrs. Enigma, Mr. Political, and Dr. Hierarchy. Miss Crackerjack sounds like a good teacher, but watch out for Mrs. Ad Hoc and Mr. Ad Lib!

When a child runs into trouble at school, it's like a bomb going off in his family. This book can help defuse it.